Women and Divorced After 50

1st order of business, need a new job. I had only been working part time during my marriage and now I need something full time with good benefits. Lucky for me I have some contacts in my field and they help me find a new position within a few weeks. This was not the best […]

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Divorce after 50

OK I said the DIVORCE word. Talk about blind sided. I never saw this coming. Was she younger, no . Was she prettier, no. I feel like it was a sneak attack. Never saw her as a threat. Well what’s done is done. Now I need to focus on rebuilding my life. Problem is I […]

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It’s over

It’s over, the marriage is over and we are over 50. We are going to need a new place to live, we’re going to need new employment with benefits, we’re going to have to learn to do things we’ve never done before. How did this happen? We had a plan. This was not part of […]

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